I made this animation for DA 101. We started out by collecting sounds from around campus as groups, and then taking these sounds and making an audio piece from them. Then, we scanned both three dimensional objects and two dimensional textures, put those images into Adobe Photoshop, and created our characters and settings for use in Motion. I wanted to make sure I scanned something no one else would, so I scanned my cat, Max.

I was really excited about this assignment for a few reasons. I had always wanted to make something musical out of collected sounds and I also wanted to improve my skills in Motion. After I created the soundtrack, I realized that it told a story and I wanted to bring that to life. I decided to make use of the camera features in Motion so I could follow my characters' motion in three dimensional space. I also used the camera feature to allow me to create different scenes. I used this effect to be able to cut between the dog-rabbit "barking" and jumping inside the house and the nun knocking at the door.

I would have liked to have spent more time on the dog-rabbit character. He would have been more effective if, when he jumped, he moved his legs a bit more. Giving him knees would have also enhanced his character. Overall, I was happy with how this project turned out. I achieved my goals, because it stood out in my class as unique and I developed skills in Motion.

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