Because You're Emo

Accepted in Stetson University Touchstone Literary Magazine 2011


I wrote this song in high school after I realized how secretly emo a couple of my guy friends are. Liz and I were messing around and getting acclimated to the studio and we decided to record it because it's entertaining.

Here's our first attempt! Click here!

The first take wasn't so great, so we decided to do it again to get the timings right. I chose not to do it with a click track because the song changes tempo between the choruses and the verses. Usually, when I do it live, I hold out some notes in the middle before the final choruses, but I didn't quite like how it interrupted the energy of the song.

I got a number of suggestions:

  • Add drums to change texture
  • Tighten guitar vs. vocals
  • Automate the tempo track
  • Fix the guitar in the bridge
  • EQ Guitar - notch cut around 200Hz
  • Reference various emo subgenres
  • Make sure lyrics flow
  • Add higher voices
  • Double voices, possibly with different styles

I went back and worked on it some more. I added some MIDI drums, compressed the lead vocals, brought out the background vocals, added a screamo part that I then couldn't figure out where to insert, and added some more whining.

This is what I ended up with! Click here!

I got some more suggestions:

  • Voice is too close
  • Add claps
  • Add electric guitar (distorted) at chorus
  • Add cymbals
  • Take out some of the whining
  • Tag other theme on at end

Here's what I did with it: Click here!

I worked more on it, finessed some of the yelling, did a little panning, and here's what I came up with! Almost done!

I played it to some friends and then fiddled around with it in the studio. I listened with headphones this time and tried to bring back the drums a little bit. I also EQed my voice more and took off the end part (per request).

Here's my radio edit! Click here!

I added a bit to the second verse, just for variety, did a little bit of fixing here and there, and here it is! Here's my finished product!


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