Dial 9 to Get Off

Our assignment for this project was to create an "anxious object", or an image that makes someone uncomfortable, or makes you question your idea of art. I came up with my idea after I heard my friend complain about her French homework and how there were so many breasts. From there, I began to think about how fascinating it is that Americans are more comfortable with violence than sex or images of the human body. I also started pondering the influences of technology on our view of what's aesthetically pleasing. My anxious object, the Bosom Phone, blurs the line between what is human and what is technology. Interestingly enough, I've derived so much more meaning from it after this image was created than before I created it, which is really exciting for me artistically. I could go on, but I want you to discover your own meaning as you gaze upon the Bosom Phone.

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