I'm Not Alright

I wrote this in high school and always enjoyed playing it (even though it's kinda emo). I've recorded it (really badly) a few times, so, I figured I might actually do it for real.

My first recording is sincerely awful. I couldn't find the headphones so I was in the isolation booth with the door open trying to stay on time with my guitar playing. I'll put it up here just for giggles.

Please don't grade this. haha!

It's also missing the intro, which I may or may not record. Needless to say, I'm definitely going to record this one again (with headphones and soul power).

Here's another shot at it. A little better, no?

I re-recorded pretty much everything. I was messing around with Waves Tune (which is so incredibly awesome!) but decided to leave it off for this go round. It was making some weird popping noise, which was just not cool. (I think it got confused. I got a little plugin happy on the guitars.)

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