Set List
Song Length Michelle Derek Vocals
Billionaire 3:22 Bass Guitar Derek
Tik Tok 3:45 Guitar Piano Michelle
Drops of Jupiter 3:45 Bass Piano Michelle
In The Pines 5:10 Guitar N/A Michelle
Paparazzi 3:16 N/A Piano Michelle
Elephant 5:13 N/A Guitar Derek
Stay Together For The Kids 3:03 Bass Guitar Derek
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? 3:00 Guitar Bass Derek
When Your Mind's Made Up 3:30 Guitar Bass Derek
All The Small Things 2:42 Guitar Bass Michelle
Bluesin' the News 3:00 Guitar Bass Derek
What I Got 2:38 Guitar Bass Michelle
Accidentally In Love 2:56 Guitar Bass Michelle
If You Don't Wanna Love Me 3:50 Guitar N/A Derek
Good Riddance 2:27 Guitar Bass Michelle
Take It Easy 3:03 Guitar Bass Derek
Whipping Post 2:54 Guitar Bass Michelle
You Oughta Know 3:40 Guitar Bass Derek
Come Together/Telephone 5:10 Guitar Bass Michelle
Blackbird 1:49 N/A Guitar Derek
Falling Slowly (sheet music) 2:47 Piano Bass Derek
Stormy Monday 4:00 Guitar Bass Michelle
Total 1:15:00
Motivation Proclamation Michelle
Creep Derek


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