Homework - Week 1

Read Huber Ch 1 & 2. Pick out 1 favorite CD and bring it to class (on iPod is OK). Before class, note who held jobs listed on pages 17-19 of assigned reading (especially the producer, recording engineer and mastering engineer). Search online for at least 3 other projects credited to each person and post your findings here. In addition, write a brief reaction to your findings. Were there any surprises in the lists? Are there other artists that you might check out as a result of this? [minimum 100 words]


I was surprised at how many people worked on this album, but I’m glad Meg knew why. She says it’s because they recorded it in his garage and then went back and did it again, which is pretty cool. The producer of my favorite song was Ariel Rechtshaid. She's done a lot of work with We Are Scientists and The Blood Arm, so I'll probably check them out. I was also intrigued that Stephen Trask worked with Meat Loaf and on the Dreamgirls soundtrack and score. Tim O’Heir worked on In the Land of Women, which was interesting as well.

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