Homework - Week 10

Drum mixing. Using the recording made in class on March 19th of Eric playing the drum kit, practice mixing this material down into a stereo file. Use EQ, compression and panning on each channel to make each element distinct, yet you should also strive to create a unified sound for the kit overall. Additional effects may be used when desirable, but be careful not to destroy the rhythmic timing of the drum kit. When you are satisfied with the results, bounce it to an MP3 for inclusion in your portfolio.

In addition, write a brief reaction to this assignment. What did you find most difficult about it? How did your processing choices connect with the overall "sound" you were aiming to get? [100 words]

This was a fun yet challenging assignment for me. I tried to make sure every drum had its own special place in the mix, although I wasn’t entirely sure how I would go about achieving this. I started by putting compression on everything, because that’s what we did in class. After I got everything sounding how I wanted it, I started to play with panning. After I did that, I realized that it sounded different at the beginning than how it sounded at the end, so I tweaked it more. I also heard something odd in the cymbals, but that was in the actual recording. Overall, I was pretty happy with the product, especially considering this was my first attempt at mixing a drum kit.

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