Homework - Week 2

Bring a favorite CD into the studio and listen to it using the studio monitors. Connect the CD to the monitors via the mixer and patch bay. Listen to several tracks at a full, yet comfortable listening level. What is your impression of listening in this environment versus your usual listen setups (iPod, computer, car)? What did you notice about the mix that you didn't hear before? [minimum 100 words]

I was feeling rambunctious, so I decided to listen to Incredibad by The Lonely Island. In my favorite song, "I'm On A Boat," it was amazing how good the percussion sounded in contrast to how it sounds in other listening environments. Usually, I listen to the song on YouTube through my computer speakers, so it was refreshing to hear it in a studio setting. The hi-hat was especially crisp. Actually, the higher frequencies in general were nice and present. Usually it sounds much darker through my car speakers or my headphones. It was very interesting because while T-Pain’s vocals were very clean, the other vocals sounded like they were distorting. I had never really paid attention to it before. Another thing I noticed was just how much space everything had in the mix. The only way I can describe it is that everything had room to breathe. The studio monitors definitely made a difference!

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