Homework - Week 3

1) Partner up with someone who does not play the same instrument as you. Record your partner playing an acoustic musical instrument with two different mic models/placement/positioning simultaneously capturing their performance. Briefly explain the setup you chose and the reason your made these decisions.

2) The result should be two recordings, one from each microphone. Use the mute buttons on the individual Logic channels to play/listen to them individually several time. Practice switching between them while the audio is playing. How would you describe the differences between these two recordings?

[minimum 100 words total]

I partnered up with Liz, who plays the flute! I used an Oktava ribbon mic and a modified Oktava tube mic. They were positioned next to each other as to avoid phase problems, because those are less than ideal. She stood about 3 feet away after I convinced her that it was okay to stand closer because that was what was in the book. I had never used a ribbon mic before, or a tube mic for that matter, so it blew my mind that the tube mic was so much louder and more present than the ribbon mic. The ribbon mic was just downright quiet. The ribbon mic was much more sultry than the aggressive tube mic so when they were blended together, the ribbon mic got kind of lost. However, when the ribbon mic was muted, the sound was a bit less full sounding. I probably wouldn’t pair these two again, unless I get in my I-want-to-be-Russian mood again, but I did like how the ribbon mic made it a little fuller. It just wasn’t the best match, in my opinion. Plus, the ribbon mic made me super nervous.

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