Homework - Week 4

30 edits in 30 seconds. Using the material you recorded for HW02T, compose an original sound piece that is 30 seconds long and contains at least 30 edits. This exercise is meant to facilitate you becoming more familiar with the functions of the arrange window learned on Jan 27. Be creative and be sure to develop a logical, complete composition (beginning, middle, end). When you are done, bounce it to an MP3 file for inclusion in your portfolio.

Write a 100 word reaction to completing the project. What differences did you notice between logic and other DAWs you have used? How did this affect your work process? How do you feel about the finished project?


I am a big fan of keystrokes. ProTools upset me because I couldn't figure out what they were (or even IF they were). In FCP, I'm a FIEND with the keystrokes. Unfortunately, because of that, I had a hard time getting used to using the escape key with the numbers. I kept pressing B when I wanted scissors and A when I wanted to select (which selected the bin and the automations respectively). I also kept pressing M for markers and it really confused me when nothing happened.

I was having issues with timing in some places and couldn't figure out why things were still there after I had clearly put something on top of them, but I suppose I’ll get used to it in time. I’m pretty happy with the finished product. There were a few places where things sound kind of off, but I liked them. There’s a weird blip somewhere close to the B section that makes my life a little happier. =)

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