Homework - Week 5

Week 5

30 second software instrument demo. Using only your assigned instrument, compose a 30 piece that shows off the capabilities of this software instrument. You may use multiple instances of the instrument on multiple tracks, MIDI arranging tools, audio recording and editing, as well as other tools you have learned. The primary restriction is that you can only use sound material produced by the software instrument you have been assigned.

Write a 100 word reaction to completing the project. What strengths and weakness does the instrument have? Did the characteristics of the instrument effect your composition in any way?


I used the ES1 MIDI instrument in Logic. I was pretty excited because the instrument had a wide range of sounds it could produce. The sounds I used in my composition ranged from a bell like sound for the melody to a more droning, harsh sound that appears in the intro. The instrument influenced my composition because I really liked how it sounded when played staccato at different velocities. I also made up kind of a bass line to go under the chords and the melody, but it ended up standing out a little too much, I think. I probably should have adjusted the velocity a bit more. This was first time I sat down and did straight up MIDI in Logic, so it was a pretty fun challenge. Overall, I was pleased with it, although I did have some timing issues and got a little confused trying to make the different tracks sound cohesive.

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