This riff has been in my head ever since I first picked up the guitar. I've never gotten a cohesive song out of it, so I decided to start working toward musical completion. Unfortunately, I have yet to settle on lyrics, so it's still a work in progress.

I plugged my Gibson Blues Hawk straight into the 828, and went for it. I recorded to a click track, but wasn't entirely too happy with the tempo I chose. It seemed a little fast for what I had in mind, but decided to go with it because I liked the energy it gave the song. I doubled the guitars and played around with the panning and the plugins until I got something that sounded pleasing.

I had some theremin noises I recorded for Elisabeth's piece so I just threw that in, added a spectral gate, and got a pretty cool electronic effect that I used for the background at the beginning. Later on in the song, there is a high note held out (inspired by a Tori Amos song I heard). I just used MIDI and gradually applied a phaser effect to it to make it slowly start to "fall apart".

Here's where it was as of March 20th: Click Here!

Here's what the class thought of it:

  • It needs more instrumentation
  • The drums should be louder
  • There's obviously a space for lyrics
  • It needs a B theme
  • Turn up electronic sounds
  • Maybe make electronic sounds the focal point
  • Guitar is rushing
  • Start with drums and build
  • Use the Ultrabeat
  • Add some Hammond Organ
  • Add claps
  • It should be about bees
  • Use layers to control perceived volume, not levels
  • Make B theme legato and smooth to contrast
  • Produce track without lyrics and add them in later

I messed around with recording some vocals, but I'm still not happy with them, so I decided to try for a B theme (which still ended up rather staccato) and add some organ and claps. I also decided it would be correct and necessary to break out the theremin that has been waiting patiently to my left. Then, I put a preset on it called "Flutter Shadow" which made everything all the more awesome. Click to listen!

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