Homework - Week 7

Make a 3+ foot XLR cable. Test it for proper connections. Bring to class.
Create an online tutorial via your wiki with your partner. Use photos, graphics where possible. 1 tutorial per pair posted to both wikis.

Step One: Cut your cable to the desired length.

Step Two: Put shields on both ends of your cable!

Step Three: Use a box cutter to strip the cable down to the copper shield by rolling the cable on the table. (If a few copper wires fall off, that's okay.)

Step Four: Peel back the copper wires and twist them together.

Step Five: Peel back and remove paper and strings.

Step Six: Strip smaller red and black wires with a wire stripper. (The wires in our cable were 20 gauge.) Twist the ends like in step three.

Step Seven: Tin the ends of the wires by covering the copper pieces with melted solder. (Make sure the solder gets in the crevasses!)

Step Eight: Solder the wires to the respective "cups".
1 = Ground (copper shield)
2 = Red (positive)
3 = Black (negative)

Note: It's easier to solder from the furthest to the closest instead of numerical order. Make sure to fill the cups with solder!

Step Nine: Wait a moment to let everything set. Take this time to enjoy some tea…or maybe a croissant?

Step Ten: Screw the shield in place. (Use a wrench to make it extra secure!)

Step Eleven: Repeat steps 3 - 10 for the other end.

Step Twelve: Test your cable and enjoy!

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